Highest score for Philips Pocket Memo 7000 series

Philips proudly announces the positive product test result within an article published by www.tweak.dk, a popular hardware testing portal in Denmark. The device received a score of ten, which is the best possible score, by tweak.dk. This product test is part of a product test series consisting of three different Philips dictation products.

All product features rated positively

The test report explains different use cases of the professional dictation device Philips Pocket Memo 7000 series and analyses all relevant product features. The fact that this device is made for professional work requirements has been emphasized, as well as the high sound quality of recordings made with the device, due to the high-end microphones of the Philips Pocket Memo 7000. Major features such as the included SpeechExec software, the long battery life or the housing made of stainless steel have been evaluated very positively.

"I simply cannot put a finger on anything this dictaphone does not do well, and it is able to deliver on all parameters. I am very impressed and find it hard not to marvel at how great it is, the ease of use, how easy it is to get started with using, and how good a sound it records", Lasse Kristensen of tweak.dk points out.

Zinuss.dk provides excellent webshop for Philips dictation solutions

The certified Philips dealer Zinuss arranged the product test with a Philips Pocket Memo 7000 device. Zinuss manages a Danish webshop, offering Philips dictation products such as Philips Pocket Memo, Philips Voice Tracers and Philips SpeechMike and serves their customers with a profound knowledge and high reliability.

Read the complete article here.

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