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Digital dictation is already commonplace in the medical and legal sectors, and is becoming increasingly more popular in other industry fields such as insurance, as companies realize its clear advantages. 


Adjusters often need to record statements from witnesses, policy holders and injured parties while on the road. Sometimes these interviews take place at an accident site, or investigators travel to homes, offices or job sites. When back at home or the office, recorded statements need to be transcribed and put into forms often by hand, making it a very tedious and time-consuming task. With Philips dictation solutions this process can be streamlined and simplified down to a minimum.

Insurance agents within the European Union have to comply with extensive documentation obligations, according to an EU directive enacted in 2008. Digital dictation offers great support and helps insurance agents stay on the safe side in terms of legalities.

Multiple ways of mobile document creation 

Insurance professionals can choose between different mobile dictation devices: the brand-new Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder with touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function, the Philips Pocket Memo digital dictation recorder, or they can simply use their smartphone. All these devices can be used together with the SpeechExec workflow software or with Philips SpeechLive, a cloud-based dictation solution. Both options help to increase productivity and literally allow the user to record, edit and send dictation files from anywhere at any time. Philips is the only company worldwide to combine such innovative mobile solutions, with excellent software for digital recording and cutting-edge hardware. 

If you don't call the client back or keep your promises, of course they're going to be dissatisfied. So as soon as I jump into the car, I'll dictate the client's information.

Frank Neven,
Founder of Necon Insurance, Borgloon, Belgium

The solution

More satisfied customers

“Very impressive product! 812 dictations completed to date with no technical issues.“

Rick Thorpe, GTS and medical malpractice adjuster at Crawford & Company

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“We process up to as many as 2,000 case-specific statement requests every year, so producing the statements takes a significant amount of time. In this work, Philips SpeechLive is an excellent tool.“

Niko Matikainen, Traffic Accident Board, Helsinki, Finland

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“Using dictation is very essential for my job, next to being extremely fast, the voice recorders are really easy to use and I can take them easily with me.“

Lee G Pennock, Director and Senior Executive Loss Adjuster

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