Dictation solutions perfectly tailored for the journalism industry

Whether you are a reporter, editor, novel writer or work in PR, digital dictation recorders offer by far the most convenient and quickest way of recording lots of information efficiently, allowing you to focus on what is important.


Never miss a word 

Journalists are usually busy professionals who balance their time between conducting interviews, researching information, attending press conferences and writing articles or reports. Especially during interviews, it is vital that every word is captured and no important information is lost so quotes can be delivered accurately. Due to time pressure, it is often not possible to ask a person a question twice, making it even more important that the answers have been recorded successfully the first time around.

Authors love to write

This is usually their core skill and collecting supportive information is often a tedious task. Digital dictation eliminates the need of carrying notebooks and pens around or hurriedly having to note down information.

With the convenient Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder, or the Pocket Memo voice recorder, journalists can record in excellent audio quality on the go. The innovative 3D Mic system guarantees best audio results, making sure every word is picked up in crystal clear quality and perfectly audible. An ultra-durable Li-ion battery guarantees the devices will last all day and not stop recording in the middle of an important interview.

PR or marketing texts for a company are often based on an interview. I am a big fan of recording, because it is crucial to not interrupt the speaker's flow, otherwise it comes across as unprofessional.

Catrin Meyringer,
Owner of CAT Communications agency, Austria

Up to 99% accuracy speech recognition results 

Thanks to the crystal clear audio quality, the recordings can be used with speech recognition software such as the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking and achieve amazing results of up to 99% accuracy. Journalists can save themselves a lot of time and energy typing up interview transcripts. 

The cloud-based workflow solution SpeechLive offers further transcription options. It also offers speech recognition and the possibility to send translations directly to a professional transcriptionist. Ultra-accurate transcriptions are quickly turned around, saving precious time, which can be spent focusing on the essence of a journalist’s or author’s job, writing.


The solution

More satisfied customers

“Within 24 hours I would receive a word document of my meeting minutes… As you can imagine, this was fantastic for me, saving hours of valuable time in a week.“

Gordon McAlpine, The Sales Club, Berkshire, United Kingdom

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